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Daniel Ciocîrlan

Daniel Ciocîrlan

Developer and teacher @ Rock the JVM

I created the learning platform Rock the JVM, which teaches everything in the Scala ecosystem. I've taught more than 80000 developers all over the world, and trained teams at Google, Microsoft, Apple, Adobe and other big companies. I also made a learning platform called Coder Prodigy which has taught more than 30000 kids to code (not in Scala... yet). When I'm not coding or teaching I play guitar, including (recently) an absurd amount of Ed Sheeran.

The talk

Zero to Full-Stack Hero in Scala

In this talk, I will demonstrate how to quickly scaffold a type-safe, full-stack application in Scala, all the way from the database to the frontend. We will start from scratch and we’ll set up everything to be productive as full-stack developers: libraries, APIs, type-safe queries, frontend components, and most importantly, a common mental model we can use -- by the end of the talk, we’ll have our first non-trivial app features implemented.